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Austrailia Visa


All visitors to Australia require a Tourist Visa. It is each individual’s own responsibility to secure a Tourist Visa. Travel Department requires that all tour participants secure a tourist visa prior to departure for Australia.

Your passport must be valid for 6 months from your return date of travel. We will not be able to process visa applications should your passport expire within this time frame

The eVisitor for Australian Tourist Visas is the most advanced and streamlined visa authorisation system in the world. The eVisitor replaces visa labels or stamps and removes the need for application forms. The Australian eVisitor is an electronically stored authorisation for travel to Australia, meaning you don't need paper documentation or a stamp in your passport.

An eVisitor Visa allows you to stay in Australia for up to 3 months on each arrival within 12 months from the date the visa was granted.

The eVisitor is available to passport holders from countries and regions specified by the Australian Government. eVisitor Visa is electronic you will not be given a stamp in your passport, however Travel Department will provide written confirmation to you.

The details you provide Travel Department with for your eVisitor must correspond with the passport you are traveling to Australia with, the visa is linked to this number. If your passport is lost/stolen or replaced before you travel to Australia, you will be required to re-apply for an eVisitor visa.

Please be advised that Travel Department accepts no responsibility for changes in visa prices, procedures and/or regulations during the time that your visa application is sent to us and subsequently received. Any changes will be advised directly to the customer and any changes in price will be due for payment immediately in order to process the visa application. Travel Department will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of your passport or any document sent by post. We strongly recommend you use An Post swift post or a similar secure service when sending valuable documents by post.

For those that choose to apply for their own visa independently, Travel Department accepts no responsibility for delays caused by incorrect supplication of information and/or delays in obtaining sufficient information to process visas with the relevant embassy. The responsibility lies solely with the customer to supply the correct information on time to the relevant embassy in order to obtain a valid visa for travel. It is the responsibility of customers who choose to apply for visas independently to familiarise themselves with up to date opening hours of the relevant embassy and periodic closures and any changes in price for individual visa applications. Travel Department accepts no liability for any issues encountered by customers who do not obtain a visa in time for their holiday. Customers may be refused entry into their destination if a complete and correct visa application is not processed on time.


We require that your visa application form(s) and photocopy of photo page of the passport(s) reach our offices by a pre-determined date as per your correspondence received.

1. Complete the application form attached. All fields must be completed. 
2. Place the following items in an envelope:

  • Completed visa application form. One form required per person.
  • Photocopy of photo page of the passport 

3. Write your holiday reference number on the outside of an envelope. (e.g. A123456).
4. Return all documents to Travel Department. We strongly recommend that you send it by Registered Post.


  • The fee for an Irish Passport holder is €25.00 per person. For other nationalities please contact our office.
  • The relevant amount will be added to your holiday invoice which you can pay by credit card, postal order or cheque made payable to Travel Department and the visa application will be processed on receipt of this payment.
  • Please note there is a 2% credit card charge with all visa fees.


  • If you have failed to complete the application properly the documents will be returned to you and you will need to make a second application. The fee will be charged each time you apply.
  • The Australian Embassy has the right to request the applicant to provide additional supporting documents or to come to the Embassy for an interview.

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