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    Your Guided Adventure Holiday Jordan

    Join us on an adventure holiday Jordan, where you can explore a diverse land steeped in history, culture and scenery. A small country but big in adventure, we’ll wander through ancient ruins in Jerash and Ajloun, marvel at the mosaics of Madaba, and discover the secrets of the capital, Amman. Experience some of Jordan’s beautiful contrasting landscapes, with hikes in the remarkable Mujib Nature & Dana Reserves and a boat trip to snorkel among the colourful coral of the Red Sea.

    On this adventure holiday to Jordan, we’ll visit Petra and see its iconic Treasury building, which famously appeared in ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’, but we'll explore so much more in the 'rose city' of Petra. The UNESCO-listed city was established over 2,000 years ago by the Nabataeans, who carved spectacular monuments, tombs, houses, the Ad-Deir Monastery, and an amphitheatre from the desert rock. The Nabatean architecture set amongst the natural surroundings of valleys and gorges are breath-taking; a true highlight for any trip to Jordan.

    On a 4x4 jeep tour, we’ll admire the rolling dunes and striking rock formations in Wadi Rum, a vast red desert landscape. It's still home to some local Bedouin people and we’ll get a taste of their nomadic lifestyle by camping overnight under the stars. Our final highlight on our holiday to Jordan will be a visit to the lowest place on earth, to enjoy floating in the healing salty waters of the Dead Sea. With a cooking class and lunch with a local family included, we’ll get to know the country through its warm, welcoming people, culture and cuisine, as well as its ancient sites and natural wonders on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure holiday.

    Holidays to Jordan from Ireland

    Our holidays to Jordan from Ireland depart from Dublin airport; outbound and return flights will be via Istanbul. Flights and transfers, accommodation and tours with a local guide are all included, so get ready for your next adventure.

    Please Note:

    • For departures from Dublin, outbound and return flights will be via Istanbul. 
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    Travel to Jordan


    Fly to Amman

    Time: AfternoonAfternoon

    Let’s begin our Middle Eastern adventure by travelling to Amman, the dynamic capital city of Jordan.

    The white limestone city of Amman is a blend between a modern bustling city and ancient ruins. Atop Jabal al-Qala’a hill, the historic Citadel includes the pillars of the Roman Temple of Hercules and the 8th-century Umayyad Palace complex, known for its grand dome overlook a commercial downtown district filled with souqs, restaurants and mosques.

    * Date dependent we will arrive into Amman either in the early morning of Day 2 on an overnight flight with early check-in guaranteed or in the late evening on Day 1.

    Explore Amman


    Amman Orientation Tour

    Time: MorningMorning

    On arrival in Amman in the early hours of the morning or late in the evening of Day 1, we will be met by our local expert guide and transferred to our hotel for an early check in.

    Later that morning, let’s get our bearings in Amman with an orientation tour of the city accompanied by our local expert guide. Our orientation tour is designed to help us discover all the best spots to eat, drink, shop and sightsee during our holiday in Jordan. We will also visit two of Amman’s iconic highlights, the Citadel and Roman Theatre and admire the views overlooking this beautiful city.

    You will then have the afternoon at leisure to spend as you wish. Why not take in some of the smells of the local spice markets or visit some of the well-known nearby jewellery shops. The choice is yours!

    Local cooking class

    Time: EveningEvening

    This evening let’s learn more about Jordanian culture and its people as we take part in a group cooking class at Beit Sitti, a family run business that aims to empower the community by hiring local women who demonstrate excellent kitchen skills. Let’s learn how to prepare a traditional Arabic meal including a main dish, salad, mezza and dessert along with some bread and lemonade. Once all the dishes are complete let’s sit down and enjoy the fruits of our labour after as our evening meal!


    Time: AccommodationAccommodation

    3 star hotel in Amman (2 nights)

    Explore Jerash & Aljun


    Tour of Jerash

    Time: MorningMorning

    In the morning, let’s depart Amman for Jerash, famous for its stunning ancient Roman architecture, in remarkable condition considering it is over 2000 years old. Walk down the Maximus Cardo and admire the colonnaded streets, Corinthian arches, outdoor Roman theatres, and the Oval Plaza.

    After Jerash, let’s travel to the Rassoun Area, where you will enjoy an authentic dining experience eating lunch with a local family. Jordanian families typically eat on low seating, so there will be no tables or chairs for this traditional unique experience of daily life.

    Visit of Ajlun

    Time: AfternoonAfternoon

    After lunch, let’s explore more of Jordan as we drive to Ajlun for a visit of its hilltop castle. Ajlun Castle was built in the 12th Century to defend against invasion as this area dominated the three main routes leading to the Jordan Valley. It protected trade and commercial routes between Jordan and Syria and became an important link in the defensive chain against the Crusaders, who unsuccessfully spent decades trying to capture the castle and the nearby village. We will have ample time to explore this fascinating castle and learn about its varied history before returning to Amman

    At leisure

    Time: EveningEvening

    You will have the evening at leisure in Amman to spend as you desire. Check out a night market or grab a bite to eat with the locals at one of the city’s restaurants. Our local guide will be happy to suggest something to keep you entertained in Jordan’s capital city.

    Madaba, Mount Nebo, Shobak Castle & Little Petra


    Walking tour of Madaba & Mount Nebo

    Time: MorningMorning

    Let’s say goodbye to Amman as we continue our Jordan adventure towards Petra, driving along the King’s Highway, an ancient trading route through the Middle East. On the way let’s enjoy stops en route at Madaba for a walking tour of Artisan Street, Mount Nebo, Shobak Castle and little Petra.

    Our first stop will be Madaba, an ancient town that is best known for its spectacular Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics and is home to the famous 6th century Mosaic Map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. With two million pieces of vividly coloured local stone, it depicts hills and valleys, villages, and towns as far as the Nile Delta.

    Next let’s travel onwards to Mount Nebo where Moses famously gazed over the promised land. Today it offers captivating views of the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea and The River Jordan. We can also explore the small Byzantine church built there by early Christians, which has since been expanded into a vast complex.

    Shobak Castle & Little Petra

    Time: AfternoonAfternoon

    This afternoon let’s continue our journey down the King’s Highway as we visit Shobak Castle. Perched in a wild, remote landscape on the side of a rocky mountain, Shobak Castle is an early 12th-century Crusader castle in barren surroundings and particularly imposing when seen from a distance.

    Our final visit of the day will be at Little Petra, also known as Siq al-Barid, is an archaeological site with buildings carved into the walls of the sandstone canyons. We will then travel onwards to our hotel in Petra, also known as the Rose City due to the colour of the famous sandstone rock-cut stones that can be found there.


    Time: OvernightOvernight

    3 star hotel in Petra (2 night)



    Explore Petra

    Time: Full dayFull day

    Today let’s spend a full day in Petra, exploring all the iconic highlights of one of Jordan’s must-see sights with our local expert guide.

    Petra is a historical and archaeological city which is well known for its rock-cut architecture and water conduit system. One of the New Seven Wonders of the World, it is without a doubt one of Jordan’s most valuable treasures. Originally settled more than 2000 years ago by the Nabateans, it served as an important junction for the silk and spice trade routes that linked the East with the West.

    Let’s enter this famous city through the narrow gorge of the Siq, over 1 kilometre in length and at times just 3 metres wide. The Siq is flanked on either side by soaring, 80-metre-high cliffs, so just simply walking through this impressive gorge is an experience in itself. As you reach the end of the Siq you will catch your first glimpse of the world-famous Treasury. Its awe-inspiring façade, famous for appearing in such movies as Indiana Jones, dates back to the 1st Century, when it was built as a tomb for a Nabatean King.

    Afterwards, let’s explore more of this historic city and climb the 800 rock-cut steps to visit the impressive Ad-Deir Monastery, which overlooks the valley below. A day spent in Petra is a highlight of any holiday to Jordan.


    Time: OvernightOvernight

    3 star hotel in Petra (2 night)

    Dana Reserve & Wadi Rum


    Hike in the Dana Reserve

    Time: MorningMorning

    This morning let’s leave Petra behind as we lace up our hiking boots and travel to the Dana Reserve. Here let's embark on a morning guided trek and admire its varied scenery for ourselves. We will pass the unusual sandstone formations of the Dog Valley as we make our way to a group of small caves, thought to be an ancient religious retreat. We may even cross paths with the local Bedouin people as they tend to their goats. Keep an eye out for the many rare forms of flora and fauna that can be found here. So far, a total of 800 plant species and 449 animal species have been recorded in the Reserve. 25 of these are known to be endangered, including the Sand Cat, the Syrian Wolf, the Lesser Kestrel and the Spiny Tailed Lizard.

    (Moderate difficulty / 1.5km / 2 hour duration approximately)

    4 x 4 jeep tour in Wadi Rum

    Time: AfternoonAfternoon

    In the afternoon, let’s travel to explore the wild landscape of Wadi Rum, a protected desert wilderness in southern Jordan and famous for being the base of Lawrence of Arabia. Wadi Rum is home to a maze of large rocks that can rise to 1,750 metres from the desert sand floor, looking so alien that the whole area is nicknamed the Valley of the Moon. Let’s discover more on an afternoon adventure as we tour the desert and rolling red sand dunes as far as the eye can see in 4 x 4 jeeps and feel like we have escaped to another planet.

    Overnight in a Desert Camp

    Time: EveningEvening

    In the evening let’s check into our Bedouin desert camp for the night. The Bedouin are an ethnic group indigenous to the Middle East, and during our time at their desert camp we will experience a unique glimpse into their way of life. Let’s indulge in authentic food during the camp dinner and enjoy traditional music before sleeping under the stars. There is truly no better way to experience the desert of Wadi Rum!


    Time: OvernightOvernight

    Desert camp in Wadi Rum (1 night)

    Explore Aqaba


    Boat Trip in the Red Sea

    Time: MorningMorning

    Today let’s depart Wadi Rum and explore more of Jordan’s diverse landscapes as we leave the desert behind and head to the beach at Aqaba on the shores of the Rea Sea. Let’s discover this well-known seaside and diving destination in Jordan as we let’s board a boat to explore its glittering blue waters. There will be an opportunity to snorkel in the warm waters in search of rich marine life and coral reefs. A BBQ lunch will be included on board before we continue to our hotel.

    Once we settle into our hotel you will have the remainder of the day at leisure to explore Aqaba independently. Why not explore the local town or relax on the beach. Our local expert guide will be happy to suggest activities to suit your taste.

    Optional excursion: snorkelling for a clean sea experience

    Time: AfternoonAfternoon

    The Aqaba coastline is 27 km long and characterized by beautiful beaches that host many different touristic activities. Unfortunately, many of these activities expose the sea and marine life to the dangers of pollution. Swim with coloured fish and explore the waters of the Red Sea, all while protecting this environment and its inhabitants by picking up waste that has accumulated among the coral reefs. Snorkel in the fresh warm water and over colourful red sea corals while also conserving the sea at the same time by picking up any plastic or metal waste in the water. Your sustainable tourism experience will end with a well-earned traditionally cooked meal and a cup of Arabian herbal tea. Transfers, guide and snorkelling equipment included (Please note: This excursion is subject to minimum numbers)


    Time: OvernightOvernight
    3 star hotel in Aqaba (1 night)

    Explore the Mujib Nature Reserve


    Siq Wet Trail Hike

    Time: MorningMorning

    Today let’s explore more of Jordan’s unique natural landscapes as we drive to the Mujib Reserve, the lowest nature reserve on earth at 416 metres below sea level. Here let’s enjoy an adventurous guided hike on the Siq Wet Trail, starting near Mujib Bridge, walking over the dam by a suspended walkway, through the dramatic narrow canyons and along the towering sandstone cliffs to the base of a waterfall. Keep your eyes peeled for the endangered Nubian Ibex, which is just one of the many forms of wildlife that live in this interesting reserve.

    Please Note: For the Siq Wet Trail, you may be wading up to your chest in water, depending on water levels in the canyon, so bring a swimming costume, towel, waterproof walking shoes, and a waterproof bag for your valuables and camera. A spare set of clothes is also recommended. Life jackets will be provided. You should be comfortable in water if taking part in this hike, if not there is the option to relax at the Mujib Nature Reserve Visitor Centre. (Moderate difficulty / 2km / 3 hour duration approximately / operated weather dependent)

    Travel to the Dead Sea

    Time: AfternoonAfternoon

    You will have the remainder of the day at leisure to unwind after your morning hike. We will travel for a short distance to the world-famous Dead Sea and check in to our hotel. A salt lake whose banks are more than 400m below sea level, it is Earth’s lowest point on dry land and one of the top places to visit in Jordan. Its famously hypersaline water makes floating easy due to natural buoyancy. Let’s enjoy the hotel facilities or relax in the water of the Dead Sea.

    Dead Sea


    Relax at the Dead Sea

    Time: Full dayFull day

    Today you will have the full day at leisure to spend as you wish at the Dead Sea to enjoy more of this Jordan highlights. One of the world’s first health resorts, today its mineral-rich black mud is used for therapeutic and cosmetic treatments. Float in its salty water, relax on the sand that surrounds the Dead Sea or simply enjoy your hotel facilities. The choice is yours!

    Return home


    Transfer to the airport

    Time: Early morningEarly morning

    In the early hours of the morning, with a packed breakfast included, we will depart the Dead Sea to return to Amman airport for our return flight.

    * Date dependent we will either depart late in the evening of Day 9 with late check out guaranteed and fly overnight home or depart in the early morning of Day 10.

    Arrive home

    Time: AfternoonAfternoon

    Arrive home following our once in a lifetime adventure in Jordan full of fond memories of our time in this beautiful country and its lovely people.

    * We aim to operate your tour itinerary according to the format shown. Occasionally, local conditions and unexpected events may result in adjustments to the planned schedule. We kindly ask for your understanding and flexibility in the event of any changes.

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