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Holidays to Turkey from Ireland

Join us on one of our holidays to Turkey from Ireland to explore its history and beauty with our guided tours. With an incredible collection of sites to visit and see, plus a unique city where East meets West, Turkey has everything you need for your next trip away.

Holidays to Turkey from Dublin

At Travel Department, we have a range of holidays to Turkey from Dublin ready to be discovered. From mythological to legendary, religious to historical, this country holds a vast history eager to be looked into.

If you are a fan of Greek Mythology, on our holidays to Turkey you will visit the ancient cities of Troy, Pergamum and Ephesus. The Temple of Artemis is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, so tick it off your bucket list with us! There is also the opportunity to visit the historical WWI battle ground of Gallipoli and take a step back in time.

On your trip to Turkey, remember to travel to the city of Istanbul. Not only will you see the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, but you will also be able to experience both the European and Asian sides of the city. By taking a scenic ferry ride to cross the continental boundary between Europe and Asia, you’ll be able to have a taste of both the East and West.

As on all of our holidays to Turkey, we’ve included return flights, accommodation, transfers and an exciting array of excursions with expert, local guides.

Our Guided Holidays To Turkey

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