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Vietnam Holidays

Discover golden rice fields, tropical beaches, fascinating history, exotic culture and world renowned cuisine with us on one of our Vietnam holidays. 

Vietnam Travel

Vietnam travel explores this dynamic, diverse country which has been shaped by periods of imperial rule, French colonialism and the Communist regime under the nation’s iconic leader, Ho Chi Minh. If you choose to visit the capital city of Hanoi or the most popular city of Ho Chi Minh, no matter what, you will enjoy your time in this stunning country.

There are a variety of activities and adventures you can embark on with a Vietnam holiday. Whether you’re interested in the country’s history, traditional customs or flora and fauna, we’ll explore it all. Let’s cruise the Mekong River, sail around Ha Long Bay, and watch a water puppet show in Hanoi. Discover remarkable temples, uncover the Cu Chi network of underground tunnels and enjoy a city tour of Ho Chi Minh.

No trip to Vietnam would be complete without trying some of its delicious food. On our holidays to Vietnam from Ireland we’ll have the opportunity to sample its delicacies and learn how to prepare the country’s traditional dishes at a Vietnamese cookery class. When travelling with us on our Vietnam holidays 2024, we’ll experience all this beautiful country has to offer. One of our holidays includes a 12-night tour of the highlights of Vietnam, ideal for getting a taste of all this incredible country has to offer. We also offer a trip extension to the neighbouring country of Cambodia.

When you choose our Vietnam holidays from Ireland, all of our trips include return flights, accommodation, guided transfers, and an exciting array of tours with an expert, local guide.

Our Guided Holidays To Vietnam

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